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Need help getting your home or property conected to Sewer? We can help. As Council Certified Drainlayers, we can connect your property to existing services or create a new Council connection. Give us a call if you need help getting started.

New Homes with Council Connection

If you are looking to build a new home on a site with an existing Council Sewer Connection, then your Plans and Building Consent Application will include a connection to Council Services. Once your plans have been drawn up, we can arrange a site visit and schedule in the work. It’s important that you contact us as soon as possible before the building commences as we are one of the first Trades needed on site.

Connecting Existing Homes to Council Sewer

As Whangarei Council extends their sewerage network, older and existing homes have the opportunity to connect to the town sewer system. For many homes, this often means decommissioning an older septic tank system and installing the new drainage and sewer connection.

Whangarei Council Building Consent Application

To get your Sewer Connection on the go, you can download a copy the Whangarei Council Application form below and Contact us to discuss your Site Visit and Proposed diagram to submit with your application


The Sewer Connection Process

STEP 1: Building Consent Application

Before any work  Commences, you will need to apply for a Building Consent from Council. Your application will include a PROPOSED Drainage Diagram from your drainlayer  (Contact us here for a site visit and Proposed drainage diagram to submit to Council)


  1. You can download the Whangarei Council Building Consent Application here.
  2. You will need your Drainlayer to draw up a proposed drainage diagram for the connection. This drawing will need to accompany your Building Consent Application. If you would like to book a site visit and quote for the project, please contact us here.

STEP 2: Decommissioning your Old Septic Tank

General guidelines for Decommissioning unused septic Tanks

Steps are taken to ensure that your unused septic tank does not post a contaminant or physical threat by ensuring that the tank is emptied and that it does not hold water or present a future risk of collapse, and is weighted down to prevent lifting out the ground.

  • Tanks should be pumped out and waste disposed of to code by a qualified Septic Tank Service Provider.
  • Walls and roof should be demolished to at least 300mm below ground surface.
  • Tank should be filled with clean, fill material e.g. soil, roading metal, gravel etc.

STEP 3: Installing your new Sewer Drain and Council Connection

Your drainlayer will install new drainage as approved in your Building Consent application. Your home wastewater plumbing will be connected to the the new pipewok and run to your Council sewer connection.

STEP 4: Final Inspections, Commissioning and Testing

Your new Sewer system will be tested in accordance with the ASNZ3500 plumbing standards and inspected by Council. Once passed, your system will be live and ready to use. Backfilling and clean up will commence with our super fussy clean up staff. (Zane is pretty proud of his after drain clean up skills).

Finally, we provide you with a completed As Built Drainage Diagram which we submit to Council on your behalf. This is kept on your property file for future reference if needed.

How long does a Sewer Connection take?

Building consent applications take around 21 working days once submitted. We will book your job in when you submit the application so you don’t lose your place in the queue. As soon as your building consent is approved, we can move pretty quickly to get you connected.  Most sewer connections are completed within a day, so downtime without a toilet is minimal. We try and limit the actual ‘Out of service’ time to a few hours to avoid as much inconvenience as possible.

How to find your Sewer Connection

Firstly you need to find out if THERE IS a sewer connection for your property. There are a couple of Ways to find out whether your home or new section is ready to Connect to the Council sewer network:

  1. Give the Whangarei Council a call or login to their GIS Mapping system which shows all utility pipework for Whangarei properties.
  2. Take a walk around your section and look for the red wooden peg (this should be located at the boundary of your property). When in doubt – Call Council.

Often the Sewer connection is buried or not quite where it should be. On our initial site visit we can help you assess where the connection is and how to expose it.

Sewer Connections snapshots

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