stormwater and wastewater services - subdivisions

Woods Plumbing & Drainage are Council Registered Contractors and can connect your new site to Council Stormwater, Sewer and Water Services.

Subdividing your Section

With recent proposed changes to subdivision rules, we have been receiving a lot of enquiries regarding new water and waste connections for additional lots. Give us a call if you would like to discuss your options and costing estimates for the drainage work required for your project.

Council Registered Drainlayers

Woods Plumbing and Drainage are Council Registered and Licensed Contractors. What that means is that we have been approved to connect to Council waste and stormwater assets. Council stormwater and wastewater assets are separate to the the drainage work on private property. Check whether your drainlayer is licensed to complete the work before starting the job. This avoids any issues later when it comes to getting final approval.

Stormwater and Sewer Drainage

Installing new services on your section may sound a little boring, but completion of the Stormwater and Sewer Drainage connections to your site is a little bit exciting. Those services are what turns ‘that little bit of land at the back’ to a whole new section.

Traffic Management

More often than not, installation of new services may require some Traffic Management to comply with Council requirments. We can organise Traffic Management on your behalf and work to minimise cost and disruptions.