Installation of Integra Wastewater Treatment System

Installation of Integra Secondary Wastewater Treatment System

PROJECT DETAILS: Replace failing septic system with new installation of Integra Wastewater Treatment System & all drainage - Whangarei Heads

Installation of Integra Wastewater Treatment System

This site was a difficult site. The ground was steep and not as stable as we would have liked, so it suited the flexibility of the Integra system. The modular design of Integra wastewater treatment systems and light weight of the tanks minimised excavation and additional retaining costs that would otherwise have been required.

Devan Tanks supply the Integra Secondary Wastewater Treatment System.  The system carries a 15 year guarantee, and Integra proclaim that not a single vessel  has failed in the field. Which is pretty impressive!

Installation of Integra Wastewater Treatment System

Cost of Operation
All secondary  wastewater treatment systems have an operating cost of some sort. In the case of the Integra system,  it requires a pump and a blower plus servicing twice a year.

The cost of electricity has been tested at approximately 50c / day ($175 per year) and each service should be around $150 but this will need to be discussed with your service agent.

maintaining onsite sewage system

Maintaining your Onsite Sewage Treatment System

In order for your Onsite Sewage System to operate effectively, it will need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Although this service is generally completed by an approved Contractor, there are some actions that you can take to be proactive in the operating efficiency and effectiveness of your sewerage system. These regular cleaning and maintenance checks will ensure that your system operates perfectly for years to come.

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Signs your Septic Tank isn't working

3 Common Signs your Septic System is Failing

When your septic tanks stops working, life can get messy quickly. Leaking sewage, blocked toilets, bad smells are just a few of the signs that your onsite septic system is no longer working. The sooner you can recognize that your system is failing, the easier (and cheaper) it will be to fix. Here are the 3 most common signs that your Septic System is not working as it should ….

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