3 Common Signs your Septic System is Failing

Signs your Septic Tank isn't working

When your septic tanks stops working, life can get messy quickly. Leaking sewage, blocked toilets, bad smells are just a few of the signs that your onsite septic system is no longer working. The sooner you can recognize that your system is failing, the easier (and cheaper) it will be to fix. Here are the 3 most common signs that your Septic System is not working as it should ….

A failing septic system can be a nightmare. It’s easy to take your wastewater system for granted until it stops working. Here are 3 Common signs that your sewerage system is no longer doing its job.

Regular maintenance and care of your system will keep your onsite septic working effectively for years to come.

1. Bad Smells

If you are getting bad smells from fixtures in your home or odors wafting off your effluent fields, then this means something is wrong.

A septic system is a really effective means of breaking down septic and disposing of the treated wastewater safely into the soil. The smell may mean that this is not happening correctly and that wastewater (and yup, sewage) is making it’s way through the system without treatment.

Reasons this could be happening:

  1. Your septic tank is full and needs emptying
  2. The Bio-organisms in the tank are no longer living or are underpopulated. This can happen for a number of reasons including over use of the system or chemicals being flushed though the system.
  3. Your Septic Tank is too small for the size of your family or household use
  4. Your Septic system is not adequate for the type of soil on your property
  5. In the case of a Secondary treatment system, the aeration system might not be working.
  6. Broken or blocked drain fields.

2. Boggy Effluent Soakage Fields

If you start to notice that the ground around the effluent field is getting boggy, then it’s possible that your soakage fields are not operating correctly. This can either be due to:

  1. Blocked drain fields
  2. Too much wastewater being distributed in the soakage area
  3. Broken or compacted drainage pipes
  4. Inefficient Planting out of the effluent disposal area

3. Slow Draining Toilets and Showers

This is most often the first sign of a failing Septic that Homeowners notice. If your toilet is blocked, then double check the other fixtures in the house to see if they are all draining slower than before. If the blockage is only at the one fixture or toilet, then chances are it is the toilet that needs unblocking and not a failing system. If however, more household fixtures appear to be draining slower than before, then your Septic system may need some TLC.

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What to Do when your Septic System isn’t working

Call your local Drainlayer (That would be us 🙂 and explain what’s happening. Our drainlayer may be able to diagnose the problem over the phone and either put you on to the right people (septic tank cleaner or service agent) or arrange a site visit to remedy any soakage related issues.